Involve people in designing and planning public places

Involve people in designing and planning public places

Placemaking is a term used to describe how city spaces can be imagined and planned by involving the community. Placemaking as a technical term refers to a collaborative process to maximise the value of spaces for the community. It facilitates creative patterns of use and is aimed at strengthening the connection between people and places. It propounds that the happiness and wellbeing of people is central to the success of a space. It could be an idea like Raahgiri, redesigning a plaza, a children’s park, a food street, market, mela etc. but the key element is to ensure community participation.

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Interview with Linda Pompa

1. What is your relation to Jane Jacobs Walks?

We have hosted a walk for the last three years.

2. Why were you interested in hosting a walk in New Orleans?

We wanted New Orleans to be part of the larger effort, and felt we had a good story to tell about our particular neighborhood.

3. What do you hope people gain from attending this walk?

We wanted people to learn about the history of the neighborhood, and how revitalization efforts over the last several years align with Jane Jacobs' perspective and approach. We wanted people to appreciate a neighborhood that most don't know about, and simply look at as "dangerous."

4. What are your goals when you host a Jane Jacobs Walk for the participants?

We want to inform about the little-known history, and promote the progress that the neighborhood has made. We want to expose people to assets and attractions they may not have known about.

5. What are your hopes for the future of New Orleans with regards to Jane Jacobs Walks?

We would like to continue hosting a walk, and would be happy to collaborate with others who want to do walks in other parts of New Orleans.

6. Is there anything else you want to add?

We really enjoy doing this, and so do the participants!