Newtown Creek: Down Under the Pulaski Bridge Onramp-"Check out the composting toilet!"

May 2014: DUPBO, Down Under the Pulaski Bridge Onramp

On May 3rd, Mitch Waxman of the Newtown Creek Alliance led a Jane Jacobs Walk in Newtown Creek, exploring the Greenpoint and Hunters Point neighborhoods (you can learn more about this event here). This walk had a great turn-out and participants enjoyed the chance to explore these neighborhoods and share their observations.

Below, Mai Armstrong of Newtown Creek Alliance has provided an informative write-up about this Walk, and has shared some great photos.

Newtown Creek: DUPBO Down Under the Pulaski Bridge Overpass - May 3, 2014

Tour Leader: Mitch Waxman, Newtown Creek Alliance Historian.

We had 31 Jane's Walkers (plus 1 toddler in a stroller) attend on May 3, 2014 for the Newtown Creek: DUPBO Down Under the Pulaski Bridge Overpass Tour with Mitch Waxman. We also picked-up a couple of 'unofficial' attendees who tagged along for part of the walk.

The group was a nice mix of folks from the 5 boroughs, plus a few out-of-towners from California, Florida and Germany. Ex-residents of the 'hood mingled with new transplants as we walked from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Long Island City in Queens. The walkers were enthralled the sights coupled with Mitch Waxman's narration as we wound our way through history.

As the tour visited the few public access points along both Brooklyn and Queens shores of the Newtown Creek, representatives from local organizations spoke to the group about their activities and advocacy for the troubled waterway.

Everyone had a great time, and thought the tour was interesting and exuberantly voiced their appreciation. 

Overheard on the DUPBO tour:

"I used to live here when I was a little girl... I don't recognize hardly anything anymore."


"It looks a lot like Miami."

"Check out the composting toilet!"

"We're working on re-greening the shoreline."

"Ten 30-story buildings? Are they going to put a new subway stop here too?"

"I'm gonna keep you alive, I promise!"