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Phoenix, Arizona: (Re)Developing Phoenix

In celebration of Jane's Walk "Month," we'll take a walk through downtown Phoenix highlighting the new and old residential areas that make up our city. The walk will take a path through the Roosevelt Row Arts District, an area currently booming with new residential projects, as well as walking past some of the first residential spaces of the area.

Jane’s Walk is a citizen-led walk meant to help people explore, learn, and talk about their community. It was inspired by the urbanist and activist Jane Jacobs, who wrote about community based approaches to city planning. She valued local residents having input in their city’s design, the importance of density, and creating pedestrian friendly streets.

Join us in celebrating Jane Jacobs's life and legacy as well as learning a bit more of the history of the city we call home. The walk will start at 6:30pm on May 11th. We will meet in front of the sculpture "Release the Fear" adjacent to the Roosevelt light rail station, located between 1st Ave and Central on Roosevelt. This event is free to the public.

Date & Time:  Wednesday, May 11, 2016; 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm Saturday, June 14, 2014

Event Start/End:
The event will start at 116 W Roosevelt St,
and end at 915 N Central Ave.

Host: Chelsea Smith, 
Jane's Walk Phoenix - This Could Be Phoenix - Thunderdome Neighborhood Association for Non-Auto Mobility -

Contact Info:
Chelsea Smith

Theme: Walking

Accessibility: This event is accessible and open to Wheelchairs, Bicycles, Seniors, Children.

Registration: All are welcome, but Please RSVP by going to Jane's Walk Phoenix's event Facebook page --