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Brazil : Relendo Passo Fundo

  • Praça Tamandaré, Passo Fundo, RS 96200130 Brazil (map)

According to Lefebvre the city is the work of people and groups in historical conditions: in time and in space following, translated on the ground, registered in the urban, dissolutions and restructuring, originating in the incessant transformation by which things are built and dissolve in other things. Reading the city and the ancient cities that this ends, requires examining what’s the urban text, decipher representations, retrieve images and speeches about the past, through a complex set of experience, memories and aesthetic positions, loaded reviews of assignments meaning (Bourdieu, 1982). The space where the social meanings are constructed and expressed through cultural goods, read the city allows rescue and understand part of what we call reality (Geertz, 1981, p.281), and give a meaning to the world and find our own place.

The “Jane Jacobs Walk – Relendo Passo Fundo” is an event with claims to allow the rescue of memories, the construction of meanings and relationships through Urban Routes guided in this THIRD edition, will honor Jane Jacobs, joining the world movement “Jane Jacobs Walk”, started on May 5th, 2007 in Toronto for a group of Jacobs’ friends and colleagues who wanted to honor their ideas. Jane Jacobs was a political activist and writer, much quoted as urbanist, for having led the criticism of many of the leading names and movements of urbanism, especially the results of modern urban planning and orthodox. Having defended the traditional cities and the importance of social relations that it provided through contact between people on the streets and sidewalks of neighborhoods. The Jane Jacobs Walk is understood above all as an opportunity to meet new people, and synchronizes with the objectives pursued in other editions of “Relendo Passo Fundo”. As a way of widen the participation of academics, this route will integrate the closure of the Seminário Cidades do Século XXI – 2017 and is also part of the movement ‘Maio Amarelo’.

Returned to multiple readings on object-route, through photographic records and freehand sketch, counting with the participation of urban movement, Urban Sketchers Passo Fundo, constituting, in this way, as a space for the expressions, seizures and different perspectives on this reality in transformation that is the city, retold by the looks of the architects, urban planners, artists and the community in general. The articulation of these different moments and movements, as well as of the executive issues this route is in charge of Extension Project VivA!emau, which previously will mark all spaces to be traversed with a developed signaling by the group especially for this special edition.

Date: May 20, 2017
Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Start: Praça Tamandaré, Passo Fundo, RS 96200130 Brazil

Event End: Praça Tochetto, Passo Fundo, RS 99010-000 Brazil

Host: Carla Portal Vasconcellos,

Organizer: Greice rampanelli,, VivA!emau _ Escritório Modelo de Arquitetura e Urbanismo UPF

Theme: Walking

Accessibility: This event is accessible and open to Children

Registration: No, all are welcome.