What is Jane Jacobs Walk?

Jane Jacobs Walk is a program of the Center for the Living City, a nonprofit organization created by people who knew Jane Jacobs and were fortunate enough to call her a friend.  As an organization we celebrate her life and legacy by helping people organize walks in their communities around the time of Jacobs’ birthday in early May and year round.

Jacobs was a community organizer who helped save her neighborhoods from destruction by the hands outside interests.  She invited everyone to see how cities actually work through experience, to go out and see what makes a neighborhood thrive, or to see what makes a neighborhood struggle.  And she opposed those who insisted on the same solutions to fix the unique challenges in cities.

We honor Jane Jacobs by helping people leave the isolation of their homes to come together to experience areas of their city outside of the automobile.  Our mission is to help people walk, observe, and connect with their community and environment.  We inspire people to make a difference because a Jane Jacobs Walk enables members of a community to discover and respond to the complexities of their city  and environment through personal and shared observation.

For more information on how to find a Jane Jacobs Walk in your local community, visit our Events Page  or check out our  2015 events for ways to get involved in your community! Or, if you would like to host your own Jane Jacobs Walk, visit Host a Walk to find out how.



Jane Jacobs Walk
375 South 1530 East #235
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

General Inquiries: info@janejacobswalk.org


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